Lease to Own


Lease To Own Program

Stop renting and start owning! Eastwood’s Lease-to-Own Program may provide an opportunity to live in a brand new, stick-built Eastwood home even if you are currently unable to get a mortgage. This program can help you if you are in the process of selling your existing home, have credit challenges, or have little or no money down. Eastwood Custom Homes will design a customized Lease-to-Own Program to fit your needs and get you into the home of your dreams today.*


  • Shorter route to homeownership. 
  • The purchase price of your home is locked in.
  • You are able to improve your new Eastwood Custom Home (landscaping, finish the lower level, add a garage, plant a garden, decorate, etc.).


Eastwood Custom Homes will design a Lease-to-Own Program based upon your personal situation.
We will work with you:
  • to determine the appropriate home.
  • to determine appropriate payments and term.
  • to help formulate a plan to rebuild your credit if necessary.
  • to help build a family budget to save money for a down payment.


You must:
  • have income.
  • invest your time and talents for your benefit.
  • be committed to the process.
  • help us help you.

For more information on our Lease to Own programs, call Eastwood Custom Homes at 231-929-4663.

*Certain conditions apply.

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