Affordable Housing Commitment

Eastwood Custom Homes has been committed to affordable housing solutions since our inception. It’s no secret that home prices in the Grand Traverse area can get quite expensive, and so we consider it part of our mission to provide affordable housing for families across Northern Michigan.

To this end, Eastwood has several financing and home ownership programs to make it easier for us to put keys in our clients’ hands.

Eastwood’s Affordable Housing Programs

Here’s a brief overview of each of the programs we run. To see more about each program, click the link in its description.

Credit for Life

For clients who have a less-than-optimal credit rating, we offer the Credit for Life program. We help the client repair their credit by building budgets, creating debt payoff schedules, and advise the client on how to secure and maintain a credit score that can win them a mortgage for a home purchase.


Lease-to-Own is a highly customizable program that can allow you to live in a newly constructed home even without a mortgage. This program locks in the purchase price of your home, and we will work with you to figure out appropriate payments and term. Lease-to-Own is a shorter route to homeownership if we can work together for it.

Home Trade-In

This program allows homeowners to purchase or build a new home without having to carry two mortgages simultaneously. Home Trade-In means you won’t have to move twice between selling your existing home and moving into your new one.

Veterans’ Program

For veterans of the Armed Forces, we offer a two percent discount on the sales price of a new custom home built by us.